2006 tud whitehall 1

Whitehall Palace, as depicted in The Tudors

Whitehall Palace is King Henry's principal residence in London, and the seat of his government.  It is where he attends to matters of state and (usually) where he is seen holding court, though he prefers to hold court at his more opulent secondary residence, Hampton Court Palace.  Whitehall is located on the bank of the Thames, not far from Westminster Cathedral.

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Trivia Edit

  • In reality, Whitehall Palace only became a royal residence, after Cardinal Wolsey's fall and before that it was only one of his many manors as Archbishop of York and it was known as York Place, after Wolsey's fall, Henry rebuilt the manor, extending the size, turning into a royal palace with 1,500 rooms. Before Wolsey's fall, the King's seat in London would have been Westminster Palace or St. James's Palace.