"I do not have much experience with Ladies!"- Sir John Hutton


Sir John Hutton, English Ambassador to the Low Countries

Sir John Hutton is the English Ambassador to the Low Countries during the Third Season of The Tudors. He is played by English actor Roger Ashton-Griffiths. In episode 3.06 he is entrusted with making inquiries about a new bride for King Henry VIII. The hapeless Sir John is put in a rather uncomfortable position; although Henry is most intent on marrying Princess Christina of Denmark, the Dowager Duchess of Milan, Henry's First Minister Thomas Cromwell also instruct Hutton (behind Henry's back) to make inquiries about Anne of Cleves, a German princess. Added to this, Hutton points out to Cromwell that he has little experience with how to talk to (and about) ladies.

As Henry's poor reputation towards previous wives now proceeds him, Hutton's efforts to impress Christina prove a failure. Clearly finding her very attractive, he stumbles over his words in his efforts to make Henry seem an excellent match for her. Christina is not fooled, and shoots him down, pointing out that all three of Henry's previous wives died within two years.

In episode 3.06-07, Hutton travels to Germany in attempt to win Anne of Cleves' hand instead. However, his efforts to sway Duke William of Cleves (Anne's brother) also initially prove futile; William continually reprimands him and his colleagues for being too hasty and Henry for treating Cleves in an inferior manner, since England needs Cleves more than vice versa. However, Hutton ultimately manages to reach an agreement with William by agreeing to forfeit the dowry. Unfortunately for Cromwell (who had told Henry Anne was quite attractive) Hutton never actually saw Anne's face, and could not verify Cromwell's reports, as Henry (for some reason) found Anne not to his liking on actually meeting her. This results in Cromwell's downfall.

Hutton is not seen after episode 3.07; it is presumed he either left court, having lost the King's favor, or was assigned to another Ambassadorial position.