Sir Henry Norris is a knight and minor nobleman in Season Two of The Tudors.  He comes to court in episode 2.06 looking to woo Margaret 'Madge' Shelton, a lady-in-waiting and cousin to Queen Anne Boleyn.  Norris quickly makes friends with both the King and

Queen despite the rift between Anne and Henry.  Much of the time Norris comes to Anne's apartments to supposedly court Madge, he instead tries to conversations with Anne, though she is less interested. As a fellow Reformer, Norris has great admiration for Anne's patronage of Protestantism.

Norris proposes to host a jousting tournament (which he and Henry are both fond of) in episode 2.08 at Henry's suggestion.  However, the tournament goes badly for Norris when he challenges the King; Henry is badly injured and knocked unconscious for two hours.  After the pregnant Anne miscarries Henry's child at the end of the episode, Henry's warm attitude towards Norris (as well as many other figures at court) abruptly turns icy.

Anne, who is growing increasingly paranoid and tactless, finally confronts Norris at a party in her quarters in episode 2.09; she says that his constant delays in proposing to Madge are simply an excuse for visiting her, because he is in love with Anne and hopes to marry her after Henry dies.  Everyone present is shocked and appalled by this brazen, foolish statement, which Norris quickly replies to by saying he hopes his head would be struck off if he held such thoughts; Anne, drunk, sarcastically replies "Oh, that can easily be arranged!"

Anne's remarks quickly got back to Henry thanks to the spies of his Chancellor, Thomas Cromwell.  Henry, meanwhile, had declared his marriage to Anne over and was looking for an excuse to oust her; while Cromwell carried out investigations of Anne's behavior (attempting to accuse her of adultery, incest and treason) Henry took the unsuspecting Norris on a hunting trip.  He lied to Norris by saying Anne was pregnant, then claimed Norris was the father and Anne's lover.  Incredulous, Norris frantically pleaded his innocence as he was arrested; however, he was found guilty of adultery and treason, and at the end of the episode he was beheaded alongside three other men accused of the same charge: Anne's brother George, Mark Smeaton, and William Brereton.

Henry appeared to regard Norris as Anne's most favored 'lover' though in fact she never cheated on the King.  In episode 3.01, he accused the deceased Norris of having fathered Anne's daughter Elizabeth (who was most CERTAINLY Henry's child, not Norris's).

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