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Sir Anthony Knivert, Season 1

Sir Anthony Knivert has been a longtime friend of King Henry.  He is played by Callum Blue in Season One. At the start of the 1st series he has no title and is common-born, but Henry bestowed a knighthood on him after Anthony survived a brutal jousting match aginst the king where they both almost killed each other. He is one of a small group of Henry's true friends and people he trusted which included Charles Brandon and William Compton, who was knighted after Anthony; the four frequently go hunting together, and Anthony and William often play tennis against Henry and Charles.  Anthony is generally the least distinctive of the four and sometimes resents being left in their shadow, but he has an easy, self-deprecating sense of humor and is a loyal friend to the other three.

It is Anthony and William who arrest the Duke of Buckingham for his plot to overthrow Henry in episode 1.02; they both strongly dislike Buckingham for his arrogance over his royal bloodline.  Anthony and William initially heckle Charles when he is made a Duke and obliviously does not show them any favors, but they feels sorry for Charles when Henry banishes him from court.  Unlike Charles, Anthony and William don't seem to hold any hatred for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

During their jousting match in Episode 1.04, Anthony jousted with the King and accidentally injured him when Henry forgot to close the visor of his helmet; Henry was quick to forgive his friend, however, admitting he had made the mistake.  They jousted again at Henry's insistance, and this time it was Anthony who was injured, nearly losing an eye and taking a massive splinter to the neck (though again it was not intentional); however, he recovered and finally got the knighthood he had been seeking.  In episode 1.07 he, Charles and Henry were saddened when William Compton died of the sweating sickness.  Anthony often visited Charles at his estates in Suffolk later in the series, musing about how times were changing.  His final appearance was at the end of the Season One finale; he and Henry were practicing archery on the palace grounds when Thomas Cromwell came to inform the King of Cardinal Wolsey's death.

Anthony doesn't return for the 2nd series and a reason is never given; he does not seem as ambitious as some of Henry's other courtiers (probably a reason Henry likes him) and just wants to enjoy life.


  • Charles Brandon: "This is Sir Anthony Knivert; he's one of my finest riders."
  • Anthony Knivert: (jokingly) "Except when I fall off."