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Robert Testwood

Robert Testwood is a musician, he and John Marbeck and Edmund Harman are arrested for heresy. He turns to Edward Seymour for help (because he shares his beliefs). However, he says no due to the fact that because he was helping him, he would be guilty to the same level he was, his wife, Anne Stanhope goes as far as to say says that if he says anything about his husband (because hey knew that he was only coming because he was afraid he would be tortured by Gardiner for names of his followers.) That something bad would happen to him. He is then examined by him, and under torture, he said that he was a secret Calvinist and would be burned for it. However, he says that if he gives him names of his followers, he would be saved. However, he denies every name given to him and then Bishop Gardiner says that if he said the lady's husband was one of his followers, he would be spared. But he listened to her treat very well and did not say a word. He with the 2 others are then burned at the stake for heresy. He is played by Canadian actor Lee Williams.


Robert Testwood was born in 1490, he is one of the Windsor Martyrs. He was educated at Windsor College he was known for religiously disagreeing with the Church Of England. He even smashed of the nose of the statue of the Virgin Mary at St. George's chapel all because he got in an argument about about if either the Pope or Henry VIII was supreme head of the Church Of England. This then reached Bishop Gardiner and then he sent Dr. John London to arrest him. He was burnt for heresy in 1543 at the age of 53 with all the Windsor Martyrs.