Peter O'Toole - 1968

Peter O'Toole

Peter O'Toole was an acclaimed Anglo-Irish actor who played Pope Paul III in Season Two of The Tudors.

Acting career and awardsEdit


O'Toole as Pope Paul III

O'Toole's most famous role is as T.E. Lawrence in the classic Academy Award-winning film Lawrence of Arabia.  Including his role as Lawrence, O'Toole was nominated for an Academy award eight times during his career, though he never won.  Other critical roles include Goodbye Mr. Chips, Beckett, The Ruling Class, Joan of Arc, The Lion in Winter, and The Stunt Man.  Throughout his career, O'Toole won four Golden Globe awards, an Emmy award, a BAFTA award, and recieved an honorary Academy Award in 2003. 

Personal LifeEdit

O'Toole was born in 1932, either in Connemara, Ireland, or Leeds, England, to a Scottish mother and an Irish father.  Despite his Irish background, O'Toole was raised mainly in England and his distinctive, deep voice has a very strong English accent.

In 1959 he married Welsh acress Sian Phillips, with whom he had two daughters, Kate and Patricia.  They divorced in 1979.  O'Toole also had a son, Lorcan, with his girlfriend Karen Brown in 1983.

O'Toole died in 2013 in London, at age 81.  His remains were returned to Ireland.