Nan Seville

Nan Seville was Anne Boleyn's principal Lady-in-waiting in The Tudors.  She attended on Anne in Season Two, even before she was crowned Queen Consort of England.  Unlike most of Anne's ladies, who deeply disliked her (either because of her temper, her Lutheranism or her feud with Catherine of Aragon ) Nan remained loyal to her mistress throughout the season.  She seldom speaks, but always listens carefully to Anne and gives her information privately, especially concerning King Henry's extramarital affairs.

Nan becomes concerned on several occasions when Anne appears to be flirting or excessively affectionate with several men in her chambers (kissing her brother George and her friend Mark Smeaton on the cheek) but does not believe Anne would commit adultery with them. In episode 2.09, she is questioned on Anne's behavior but refuses to ellaborate, even when Richard Riche tells her witholding the truth of the Queen's 'treason' is an offense; despite her visible fear, Nan refuses to sell out her mistress, knowing the accusations against her are false.  

Later in the episode, fearing her own oncoming doom (several other handmaidens have testified against Anne, and Cromwell is torturing Smeaton to get a 'confession' of adultery), Anne privately asks Nan to care for her daughter Elizabeth if something happens to her; Nan agrees to do so.  She later watches sadly as Anne is arrested and escorted to the Tower of London.

Nan is played by actress Serena Barbazon.