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Lady Frances Brandon (16 July 1517–20 November 1559) was the daughter of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. She was married to Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk and had three daughters Lady Jane Grey , Katherine Seymour and Mary Grey . Her daughter Jane became the Queen of England for nine days.


Frances Brandon was a cruel, abusive mother to her children and a bold wife to her husband, Henry Grey.

Frances whipping her daughter Jane Grey

In 1533, she married Henry Grey and soon she had two children but they died young. But soon after she had Jane Grey in 1537 and had Katherine in 1540, and Mary in 1545.

Second marriage and death[]

In 1554, just weeks after her daughter Lady Jane Grey's and her husband Henry Grey's execution, Frances married again. This time it was to Adrian Stokes. Many people were shocked about this marriage, because Adrian was far below Frances's status. Historians believe that Frances was pregnant at the time of their marriage because she gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth Stokes about six months later .

Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk died on 20 November 1559 on the same day as her Elizabeth Stokes.