The sacred garter worn by the 23 Knights of the Order

The Order of the Garter is a prestigious knighthood and Order awarded to twenty-three English nobles and the King, the most prestigious badge of honor in England during The Tudors.  It is generally bestowed as a sign of great favor by the King, with a ceremony and ornate regalia.  The Garter itself bears the Order's motto, "Honi Soit qui mal y pense" (French for "shame on him who thinks evil on it", though the Earl of Surrey mistranslates this as "Evil be to him who evil thinks").  The Garter is apparently something of a tradition in the wealthy and powerful Howard Family, who rule the territories of Norfolk and Surrey; Henry Howard, the current Earl of Surrey, boasts that his father and three generations before him have also belonged to the Order.  

There are only a handful of ways the Garter may be revoked; one of them is fleeing a battlefield, even if forced to.

List of characters awarded/ holding the Order of the Garter in The Tudors by King HenryEdit


The Garter

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