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The relationship between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn was complicated due to the fact that Anne could not produce a son, Henry often had affairs, and the people of the court hated Anne. Their relationship begins about halfway through season 1. Before episode 5, Anne rejects all of Henry's advances and refuses to become his mistress, increasing his desire to marry her, but Anne cannot resist any longer and submits to him, agreeing that she will sleep with him- and give him a son- after they are married. Eventually, in season 2 after a 7-year courtship, Henry marries Anne, and a three-year marriage ensues between them until, of course, it all goes tragically wrong and Anne is executed.  Anne's legacy remains intact, however, thanks to the survival of her and Henry's daughter Elizabeth, who becomes the most famous English Queen in history and a far more effective ruler than her father.


Season One[]

Henry first notices Anne at the summit when Francis, the King of France, points her out, and her sister Mary Boleyn. Henry doesn't seem interested in her at first but when he notices her again at a pageant, he becomes infatuated with her and harasses her, trying to get her to become his mistress.