Gregory Cromwell is a character in The Tudors; he is mentioned in Season Two and appears briefly in Season Three. He is the only son of Thomas Cromwell, the "First Minister" of King Henry VIII; like his father, Gregory is a firm believer in the Protestant Reformation. Appearing in only one episode, "The Undoing of Cromwell", Gregory is one of the few who mourns his father's tragic fate. As of season 3, he has one son with his wife, Elizabeth Seymour. He is played by actor Jack West.

History Edit

Gregory Cromwell was given an extensive education at Caimbridge University- financed by his father, with whom he was very close. He distinguished himself as a highly intelligent and athletic young man, and a keen supporter of the Reformation. He married Jane Seymour's younger sister, Elizabeth, and had five children with her. Gregory lost royal favor and a significant amount of property when his father was executed, but was later ennobled by King Henry as Baron of Oakham, made a member of Parliament, and managed to establish himself as a wealthy landowner. Following Henry's death, he was knighted during the reign of Edward VI. He died of the sweating sickness at age 30 in 1551. He was succeeded as Baron of Oakham by his eldest son, Henry Cromwell. Gregory was friends with the then-young William Cecil (who later became First Minister to Elizabeth I) and one of his sons, named Thomas Cromwell after his grandfather, became a Member of Parliament during Elizabeth's reign.