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Lady Eleanor Luke is a short-lived lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn in Season Two of The Tudors. When Anne discovers that Lady Eleanor is the mistress of King Henry VIII, she makes her brother George remove her from court.

Season Two []

Lady Eleanor Luke (center) and Mary Boleyn (right) take instruction from Queen Anne Boleyn (left)

Lady Eleanor Luke is seen among Queen Anne Boleyn's new ladies-in-waiting; the Queen gives them instructions on how to conduct themselves, which are clearly intended to steer them away from sexual encounters with others at court, especially her husband, the King (2.03). Anne is heavily pregnant at the time and, when she refuses to indulge in Henry's lust as she's worried it would harm the baby, Henry looks elsewhere, and takes an interest in Eleanor when he sees her dancing at court with George Boleyn. Charles Brandon notices this and (knowing Henry's womanizing nature, which he himself shares) asks Henry if he wants Charles to 'talk to her on your behalf'.  Henry eyes Anne for a moment, heavy with child, then winks at Charles.

Lady Eleanor is present assisting Anne - along with her sister Mary and Anne's other ladies - when she gives birth to her daughter Elizabeth.  Disappointed that he and Anne did not have a son, Henry is later seen having sex with Eleanor in his quarters, while Anne sits alone with her newborn daughter. 

Lady Eleanor with King Henry

Although Lady Eleanor shows affection for the baby Elizabeth and dutifully obeys (for the most part) the Queen, she continues to be Henry's mistress (2:04). Anne quickly catches on when she notices Henry watching Eleanor in the nursery; later, when she sees him dancing with her at a Christmas party, she questions her brother George, who confirms Eleanor is Henry's mistress. After a pause, Anne mutters to George, "Get rid of her."

Henry looks at Lady Eleanor as Anne kisses him

Later that night, George confronts Lady Eleanor in a corridor, telling her that the 'jewels' she stole were found hidden in her room. Confused, Eleanor insists that she didn't steal anything from the Queen, but George points out that his word will be taken over hers, especially as she cannot claim to be innocent when she is committing adultery with the King. Lady Eleanor understands what George is implying and asks what she must do. George coolly tells her to leave court as Eleanor's face crumbles.

Henry later asks Anne why she dismissed Eleanor, and Anne calmly replies that Eleanor 'stole something precious' from her.


There was no Eleanor Luke, she is likely to have been based on Elizabeth Hervey, whom the King was interested in 1534.