Bishop Castellan, French Ambassador to England

Bishop Castellan is the French Ambassador to England during most of The Tudors.  He is played by Irish actor Jonathan Ryan.

Although dry-humored and devious, Castellan does his best to accomodate King Henry's difficult nature, unlike his fellow French diplomats or his Spanish/ Imperial counterpart, Ambassador Eustace Chapuys.  He initially deals primarily with Cardinal Wolsey in arranging the "Treaty of Universal and Perpetual Peace" in episode 1.01 but ultimately breaks it off when Henry begins favoring Emperor Charles instead of King Francis.  

Castellan is seen again twice in Season 2: in episode 2.06 he is approached by King Henry about making a betrothal between Francis' youngest son and Henry and Anne Boleyn's daughter, Princess Elizabeth Tudor.  However, Castellan looks dubious; despite King Francis' previous friendship with Anne and assurances that he would recognize her marriage to Henry, he refuses to recognize Elizabeth as legitimate unless the Pope does so as well.  Castellan is approached by Anne herself in episode 2.09; she begs him to bolster her favor with Henry for the sake of her efforts towards friendly Anglo-French relations, but ulitmately Castellan does not help her when he overhears her disparraging the French to the Imperial Ambassadors in public (though she only did so because her father browbeat her to, for the sake of favor).

Castellan appears once in Season Three.  When Henry, pressured by Thomas Cromwell to re-marry, asks Castellan to recommend a French bride, Castellan gives him several options.  Henry then asks to see them in person so that he can decide; understandably offended, Castellan foolishly asks if Henry wants to 'mount them one after the other, and find which one is best broken in'.  Furious, Henry banishes Castellan from his court.

Castellan doesn't appear in Season Four, as he has been replaced as Ambassador to England by Charles de Marillac.

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