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Elizabeth "Bess" Webbe is a fictional character and the mistress of King Henry VIII in the Showtime television series, The Tudors. She is based on a rumor that Henry once abducted a woman from the woods and took her back to the palace with him. 

How Henry found Bess[]

Henry and his best friend, Charles Brandon are walking through the woods when the two encounter a man named William Webbe and his beautiful wife, Elizabeth "Bess" Webbe and Henry is immediately taken with her. He kisses her in front of William; who watches unhappily as Henry takes Bess back to the palace where they make love. 

Henry's mistress[]

At the Palace, Bess purrs at Henry, "are you really the King of England?", to which Henry purrs back, "no, i was only pulling your leg", while they continue their sexual encounter.

Bess is Henry's mistress in the series for a very brief time and their relationship was really only sexual infatuation. It is possible that Henry found Bess more attractive than his wife, Anne Boleyn as he slept with Bess while still with Anne.