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Anne Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon (née Lady Anne Stafford) (c. 1483–1544) was the daughter of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, and Lady Katherine Woodville. She was the wife of Sir Walter Herbert, and George Hastings, 1st Earl of Huntingdon, and served in the household of King Henry VIII's daughter, the future Queen Mary I.

in 1509, Henry was embroiled with Anne, Henry’s close friend William Compton appears to have acted as a go-between, although Anne later went on to have an affair with Compton himself. Henry sent her away from court in retaliation.

In 1544 and and Compton died from sweating sickness

The real Anne Hastings[]

In two 2007 episodes of the Showtime television series, The Tudors, Anne, portrayed by Anna Brewster. She is presented as the 3rd Duke of Buckingham's daughter (she was his sister), and is involved not with Henry VIII or William Compton, but with a fictionalized version of the King's future brother-in-law, Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk.

She is also shown as dying of the same sweating sickness that killed William Compton.

Season One[]

In the first episode of the series, Anna Buckingham already occupying King Henry's court with her father Duke of Buckingham, Anna first caught the eye of Charles Brandon watching a game of tennis. Henry was playing with his 3 closet friends Charles and on the other side of the net sir William Compton and sir Anthony Knivert whom Anne’s father hated for being what he called common-born or 'new men'.

During a jousting tournament, Buckingham casually unhorses ten knights in a row. Charles Brandon asked Lady Buckingham for her favor. Which was a ribbon that she stood to tie to his jousting lance.

Charles and Anne are caught having sex by the Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham in the first episode (Henry previously wagered him a hundred crowns that he couldn't seduce her),


When Buckingham catches them together in the midst of a sexual encounter, he threatens to kill Brandon for 'deflowering her' and taking her honor, but Charles- despite having a sword at his throat- calmly and smugly tells him it was consensual and that 'another man was here before me' before he leaves.

Implying that Buckingham's daughter Anne already wasn't a virgin, confident that Henry won't punish him despite the Duke's fury.

Anne went for her cloths and started to dress. The Duke's fury grew but didn’t try to talk as her father struck her across the face. Causing her to bleed, as the blood ran down her face and left behind a visible mark.

Buckingham's rage boils even higher when Henry- amused that Charles won his bet- refuses to banish him from the court as he demanded, nor punish Charles on the grounds that, since she did not claim Charles raped her, he committed no crime.

Anne and Charles met later met up again. He saw her face and the mark her father left.  Anna said “Charles we shouldn’t” but picking right up where they left off.          

Anna was present when her father had Sir Thomas Boleyn brought for an audience and try to hide the visible mark on her face; but might have been out of ear range as Buckingham talked to him about whom should really be king.

Anna seemed safely not around as her father met another day with a few men including Duke of Norfolk and Thomas Boleyn.  Which he also told a story of his father, how Anne’s grand-father would have murdered King Richard III with a dagger.  

In episode two,

Buckingham has already impulsively made up his mind to seize the throne, and begins recruiting potential supporters among the nobles.

Anna still watched Charles and he played tennis again the king, seeming unaware her father’s fate was being decided that day.  

Anne was not a part of or present at Pensburst as her father gathered people loyal to him.

It appears confident that Buckingham will succeed, but is a rude shock when Edward Stafford is arrested on suspicion of treason; Thomas Boleyn secretly betrayed Buckingham's plot to Cardinal Wolsey and the King. Duke of Norfolk is ordered to lead Buckingham's trial by peers;

As the supremely confident Buckingham is led into the courtroom, Norfolk considers his options, then hesitantly pronounces the Duke guilty.  Completely shocked, Buckingham turns towards Cardinal Wolsey as he is dragged out of the room, bellowing "It's all YOUR DOING!"

The next morning he is dragged to his execution by beheading, which is a humiliating affair.

Watching Buckingham be dragged to his execution, dressed in black Anne was present and forced to simply watch as her father die by the ax.

In episodes 1.07

Ann Hastings was called into a room to see the king’s physician, whom had been sent for as soon as William Compton was found ill. The physician informed Anne of his death.

William Compton dies of the "sweating sickness" at Compton Wynates, his house in Warwickshire.

Anne later becomes the common law wife of William Compton, the sickness spreads like a wildfire, Ann and dies in the dreaded sweating sickness epidemic along with him.